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Business Excellence 
[HSSEQ] Policy Statement

BECM Ltd. is committed to the highest standards of health, safety, security, environmental and quality (HSSEQ) performance.  Our performance is aligned to the needs and expectations of our employees, clients, community and all other stakeholders.  We believe our role in achieving and maintaining our performance is a result of our personal and corporate culture of caring, continual improvement and excellence.

To promote and maintain a positive HSSEQ culture we shall:

  1. Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory and other obligations in all countries of operation.

  2. Create and sustain a risk thinking culture that understands, prevents and/or mitigates risks to HSSEQ performance, through risk assessment and planning.

  3. Continuously review and reevaluate our processes to provide clients with services and products that achieve customer satisfaction.

  4. Prevent accidents/injuries and occupational illness by implementing sound safety management systems to report, investigate and evaluate all accidents and incidents, which eliminate or mitigate the causes that result in failure.

  5. Report, investigate and evaluate all near-misses, accidents and incidents to prevent recurrence.

  6. Provide a trained and competent workforce to plan and implement safe systems of work.

  7. Provide safe work conditions, tools and equipment to protect employees and the relevant plant and property under normal, routine, non-routine and emergency conditions.

  8. Protect the environment through prevention, elimination or minimization of impacts including discharges, emissions, waste and utilization of resources.

  9.  Provide a working environment that fosters communication, consultation and participation among our employees and contractors. This ensures everyone understands their role and is engaged in the achievement of our HSSEQ performance.

  10. Provide clients with services and products that are safe, cost effective and environmentally sound.

  11. Ensure the safe handling and transportation of harmful substances, where applicable.

  12. Properly address emergency situations.

  13. Empower employees to STOP any work they perceive can endanger People, the Environment or Property or may result in customer dissatisfaction

  14. Monitor the IMS policy continually and review at minimum annually, or following changes, to ensure alignment with our business strategies

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